Creativity over Conflict is the title of our highly-engaging workshops which have been adapted for all ages, including professionals. Participants are put through a series of fun creativity challenges which truly reflect the ways in which we respond to life’s toughest challenges.

Community-based art helps communities heal in the wake of tragedy, celebrate a shared triumph, or just recognize the issues and people that shape our lives. Our most popular art uses mosaic-making and seeks 300+ participants, each painting one tile for five minutes, while learning about the big picture in the process.

Drawn to Diversity are gallery exhibits which explore equality through art. Our colorful comic book exhibit features over fifty important comic issues while drawing parallels between comics and equal rights events.

Heroes Within allows youth and adults to construct their own clothespin action figure and design a costume with vinyl cape, foam logo, and paper mask.

Media Inquiries: As community-based artist, we strive to serve communities and not speak for them. We kindly ask media professionals to observe our work, participate in our process and then ask the community members if they would be willing to share their experiences. Thank you for respecting our process.