Introducing the Art Force 5: The Polarizer.

Hello! My name is Giuliana Ponterotto, I’m an incoming junior at SUNY New Paltz studying Digital Media Production and Asian Studies.

My Art Force 5 superhero name is Polarizer, which some of my teammates say sounds like a villain’s name. In photography, a polarizing filter is usually placed on the front element of the lens and can help to eliminate reflections, stop glare and even darken skies. One of the elements of this program is to look at life’s differences (and polarizing topics) and try to find beauty in our contrasting opinions and our ability to learn from one another.

So more about my secret identity, I’m from a small town in Connecticut, but after my older sister and I went to college, my parents moved to Manhattan and Florida. Since I was a kid, I have been infatuated by animation. From age 8 on, I filled up many notebooks with cartoon inspired drawings. By the age of 12, I decided that I wanted to work in the animation industry. However, my senior year of high school, I took a 3D animation class and realized I wasn’t the best at it. Despite this setback, I discovered my love of writing and music production.

I’ve never stopped loving animation and became the president of The Animation Appreciation club on my college campus. I am now an aspiring director and screenwriter who loves creative writing, Asian culture, music production, and voice-acting. My goal for the future would be to run my own indie animation and film company where I could pursue all of my creative passions.

Look for weekly blog updates from me each Monday…

Dan Napolitano