The Best Bites in Town

Hey everyone it’s Graphite! Today I want to share my top 3 places to eat here in NYC. Now being in New York City there’s so much to eat and taste and your tastebuds will take you all over the world without stepping foot out of the city. Counting down now, number 3: Farmer in the Deli. Us New Yorkers take our neighborhood delis quite seriously and as a staunch Brooklynite, from the one and only Fort Greene, those from my neighborhood and the surrounding boroughs will agree with me. Sandwiches, the sandwiches are mouthwatering, delicious, unbelievable! I’ve been going there for as along as I could walk and I’ve never been disappointed.

Number 2: Shake Shack! Shake Shack is an east coast staple (though the chain has expanded rapidly all over the world) and I’ll say it, it’s far superior to In and Out. They have the best burgers and cheese fries there are to get. And oh how filling it is!



I saved the best for last, number 3: 99 cent pizza! While there is dollar pizza all over the city and I definitely can vouch for more than one, but my all time favorite dollar pizza place is on 56th St & Broadway Avenue. There’s no better place to get a good cheap slice, and get this for $2.75 you can get two slices and can drink! The price truly cannot be beat, I’m telling you. Check them out and let me know how they taste!


(Zaire Anderson)

(Picture credit: Shake Shack)

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