Love is Love

Last weekend, the Art Force 5 had a top secret mission over at 14th street supporting and protecting the SUNY Pride float for the annual Pride parade! We were battling it out against the forces of evil, protecting and supporting love from each and every individual. Brushstroke, Zoom and I were the first to arrive to the scene, securing the perimeter and making sure to assist the people who were in need (by handing out SUNY Pride T-Shirts and assisting with the crowds). We later reunited with Graphite and Runway on the float, parading through New York City and listening to the glorious cries in awe of love. The experience was surreal, there were millions of people lined up showing their support and taking pride in what society considered “different”. It was a beautiful experience, where us heroes looked into the crowd and saw countless other heroes. Because of Pride, I’ve decided to share a playlist in honor of love.

LOVE is LOVE, no matter how much it differs.

-3-D the Sculptor

(Michael Perez)

Dan NapolitanoComment