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Hey guys it’s Brushstroke with another blog post, 

Today I bring to you guys something we all universally love, music! Here are some of my favorite throwbacks on this lovely send me back Sunday.

Were starting today's playlist with Tuyo by Rodrigo Amarante, you might have heard this beautiful song on the hit show Narcos, even though the shows full of action this song has a melancholy romantic flow to it which makes it really soothing and relaxing to hear. Next, we have Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny. Its actually one of my favorite songs to paint tiles to. This next song I heard while in a Chipotle downtown, and if there's anything you need to know about Brushstroke is that I love Chipotle and everything about it. I loved this song as soon as I heard it, Amor, Amor de mis Amores by Natalia Lafourcade.

This next song was actually on Lilo and Stich the movie. So if you're a fan of old Disney you might have heard it. It was playing when Stich was running away and felt ashamed because he felt he was destructive in Lilo's life. That’s the tone that the song conveyed, sadness, but if you watched the movie this was a pivotal point where Lilo knew he was family and had to go get him! They found the brightness in that cloudy gloomy moment. So I found the brightness in this song, You can never belong by Alan Silvestri. This next song is in a different language. Its fun, upbeat and honestly a great song to drive to, up next we have Tokyo Drift by Teriyaki Boyz, yes this was Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift the best Fast and the Furious movie. Next song is a completely different vibe but it’s a classic favorite song of mine.

In this next song I am paying homage to a fellow Dominican creative genius, Juan Luis Guerra and an iconic Mexican band known as Mana, Bendita Tu Luz by Mana ft Juan Luis Guerra. I couldn’t have made a playlist without including this next artist, I know I sow empathy but no one does it better than Aubrey Drake Graham himself. Up next we have Jungle by Drake. I don’t know how many of you guys are into musicals but over here on Governors Island, we love them. Its from my favorite musical/movie, Mamma Mia. This is the opening song and I think everyone can relate to I have dream by Amanda Seyfried. Staying on the Mamma Mia band wagon this upcoming song shows the two types of songs that this musical had, either upbeat or pensive and sad.

This one is one of my favorite upbeat ones, Voulez-Vous by cast of Mamma Mía. The next and final song is a classic for everyone. This artist is renowned around the world for his music, this song was also in Lilo and Stich the movie, I clearly really loved that movie. Without further a due, Can’t help fall in love by Elvis Presley remains a classic in everyone's heart. 

I hope when you listen to the playlist you can let me know which are your favorites and even suggest to me a few! Let me know some of your favorites in the comments below. 

P.S. I hope you all stay blessed this week and if you guys happen to have free time 5$ movie Tuesdays are coming up and Mamma Mia 2 just came out!

Stay creative!

Peace and love, Brushstroke

(Alison Garcia)

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