Meeting New People

Hey lovely people,

Brushstroke here with another blog post.

The island has been thriving with nice people and families this past week. Hopefully, you guys get a chance to stop by soon!

A couple weeks ago 3D the sculpture and I were here on Sunday and a lovely couple came in. We gave them the grand tour and they were in awe with our comic book collection and what we did here. They both even spoke about their own comic book collection. In fact, they were so happy that they even said they would return soon with a surprise.

Then on Sunday, they returned with another comic for us to add to our growing collection. We were so shocked and happy that they not only brought over from their personal collection, but the fact that they took the time to come back to Governors Island and hand it to us. We exchanged information, talked about our college experience and enjoyed the lovely Governors Island weather that day.

All in all, it was great to see someone willing to contribute to us without expecting anything, just because they wanted to support a great cause. I think all of us heroes can really appreciate a good comic book addition.

With that being said, go paint the world with good deeds and love everyday!


(Ally Garcia) 

Dan NapolitanoComment