Busting A Move at Makers Prom

What's up loves! It's Runway here coming at you with the new scoop on our latest adventure! Be sure to visit us on the Island and follow us on our social media pages! For now enjoy this piece written by yours truly. 

 When I got to Roosevelt Hotel, I quickly searched for the rest of my team. Since I hadn't seen them in a week I was super excited to be back and working. Doing our signature mosaics we painted Nelson Mandela and discussed Ubuntu, which means community mindedness in Swahili.  Mindfulness was displayed at Makers Prom in multiple ways by the multiple stations for the scholastic winners, the variety of locations the students came from, and the overall atmosphere of commemorating their achievements.

I had the opportunity to visit all the different stations and network. Some of the groups that were there included 92Y Art Center, Minneapolis College of Art and Design,  El Mueseo del Barrio, and Building Beats. Being Runway it comes as to no surprise that painting my own henna was one of my favorite activities. I was also able to test my fashion skills by creating my own bracelet, corsage, and beats! 

The best part though was meeting these students who always teach me how to grow further.  With that I was able to meet a young lady from Ohio who is an inspiring photographer, which reminds me I am not alone as a person of color in a field that historically tends to forget us. The field is growing and young women like her and I are examples of the field moving in the right direction. Of course having the same hair-cut made our bond that much better!

Well that's all the time I have for now! That's a little taste of what I got for you. 

Yours Truly, Runway

(Imani Graves)

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