Going for a Ride at Pride

This past week was probably the most exciting time we have in NYC, Pride! (Vue the rainbows, confetti, streamers, etc.) Not only was this my first time at the Pride parade in years but this year the Art Force 5 got to march with SUNY and ride on the float! Talk about exciting right? The streets were completely overrun with rainbows and smiles, and everyone’s energy completely enveloped you in good vibes and positivity. The weather’s forecast definitely wasn’t looking up, we had a bout of clouds and gloom the entire week and the day didn’t look too promising. But then suddenly! Sun! Warmth! Sky! Possibly the collective energy of all folks involved brought on this beautiful day or maybe Mother Nature decided to show us mercy, but the day became so fitting for the occasion. The SUNY float was led by Stony Brook’s marching band and a number of SUNY students, faculty, and families. The Art Force 5 stood atop SUNY’s with Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson and we rode our way down 7th Avenue flanked by so much fun and enjoyment.

I think my favorite part of the parade was definitely seeing all the floats. Some were very float-esque, folks atop this massive machine, waving, making their way, and some were not floats at all, some were basically moving parties. There was even a “float” that was actually a school bus with a ladder to the top, loaded with people just having a good time. How could I possibly quantify this experience on any scale? Being able to share such a positive and welcoming space, making people feel valid and loved is invaluable.

Check out some of the pictures we took too! Have you ever been to pride? Any favorite pictures below? Let me know in the comments below! See you soon,


(Zaire Anderson)