Figments of My Imagination

Hey lovelies Brushstroke back with another post,

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful start to your week, I know I have.

This past Saturday Governors Island hosted the Figment Art Festival. There were many unique pieces and activities across colonels’ row. Elvira, another fellow Art Force Fiver, and I started at “Make someone smile.” This activity included writing two things that makes you smile on a string, once that’s done you tie them up to a tree that had over 50 other people’s reason to smile. After you tied yours up you could take another person reason to smile home with you. Once we tied our strings up, the woman who created this piece asked us if we knew a place, that has melancholy to it, or place that people who are sad tend to go to. She plans on taking all these strings and leaving them at those locations in hopes to brighten someone’s day.

Across the whole lawn there were really cool activities just like this. There was this wall of flowers. There were roses, sunflowers laid down on the grass and everyone got a chance to place them on the wall that stood tall in the middle of the law, it was beautiful.

As we walked down there was an activity that showed googled searches. Some of the searches included different ethnic groups and religions being searched for negative stereotypes. Such as “All Muslims are terrorists, All Russians are mean” and so on and so forth. This piece really stood out to me because of its simplicity yet it had such a strong message. It didn’t have lights or sounds or inflatable balloons like some of the other pieces of the festival it was just google searches printed out but I think we can all understand the negative impact of stereotypes in general, not just the bad ones. Next to the google search images there was a board full of post it notes. They also stated positive and empowering messages. For instance, one said “I am Latina but I am not a maid,” “I am American but I speak Spanish,” “I am Russian but I am not scary.” Everyone was able to write and denounce these stereotypes that are so deeply rooted in our minds when we see different groups of people. I thought that piece was well done in terms or its simplicity and it also got the message across.

Along the path I also saw a four-year-old DJ, and a tenth full of people running and scavenging for costumes. I myself got watermelon wings.

Figment really bet all of the figments of my imaginations. There were igloos, I sadly took no pictures of, there were pirate ships, people in elaborate costumes it was truly a sight. So, if next year you so happen to be looking for a rare exhibit around the summer time come on down to Governors Island.

Here are some cool pictures I too!


(Ally Garcia)

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