Museum Trips


On Wednesday of last week, we got to visit the Schomburg Museum in Harlem. Out of everything we saw, my favorite exhibition was the Black Power exhibit that was curated by Dr. Sylviane A. Diouf. It was cool to me to see how the Black Power movement influenced the style of black Americans. There was lots of natural hair and African inspired fashion. This is also when the concept that “Black is beautiful” began. I noticed it written on pens, protest signs, and even on the back of leather jackets. Recently I’ve seen some of these trends from the Black Power movement come back into style. 

Though I didn’t have my camera with me at the museum, I was definitely inspired by the visual art I saw at the Schomburg Museum. I was inspired by the photography, and film work as well. I was most inspired by the photography. The photographs were powerful not so much because of the perspectives or perfect compositions, but because of the energy and emotion that was captured. Through the photos I could feel the strength and pride that a Black American had during the time of the Black Power movement. 

Visiting the Schomburg Museum gave me all the motivation I needed to get back into action as Zoom. I’ve been inspired to make work that will last, and have an impact. 


(Marvin Brown)

Dan NapolitanoComment