The Schomburg

This past week, the Art Force 5 took a pretty exciting field trip to The Schomburg Cemnter for Research in Black Culture. Though this was not my first time at The Schomburg, every trip I get to learn something new. The Schomburg’s current exhibition is titled Black Power! and showcases art and writings from Black creatives during the liberation movement. The exhibition retained work by artist Emory Douglas, writings by activist Angela Davis, and speeches by a number of liberation activists. The materials were moving and unfortunately very timely. The exhibition shows the true intentions and roles of activism and liberation in Black communities, to foster solidarity and pride. Moreover, the exhibition has another section dedicated to Blaxploitation films and the roles they played in African American lives in the early 70s. The room had scenes from movies like Foxy Brown and Superfly and interviews with their protagonists and directors.

Now, for some much spookier and more interesting info. There is a cosmogram in the lobby of The Schomburg including lines of Langston Hughes’s poem, The Negro Speaks of Rivers. Now spooky part is, Langston Hughes is actually buried under said cosmogram in a book shaped urn, honoring his time as an author on Earth.

Bet you weren’t expecting that! Or were you? Let me know below!


(Zaire Anderson)

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