Jazzing Out

Hello sidekicks! This weekend, us superheroes have had the privilege of working through the Jazz Age Lawn Party hosted on Governors Island!

Every day of the festival, Governors Island was packed full with all sorts of people dressed in unique vintage clothing from the 1920s to 30s (back then, referred to as flapper dresses and glad rags). Within the festival, people were learning the dance moves from the jazz age, gathering on the dance floor and accumulating over 20,000 visitors! As a result, the Art Force 5 house saw and increase in visitors and was busy throughout the entire weekend. The island was flooded with masked children showing off their capes, using their superpowers for good. In honor of the festival, we decided to begin a mosaic honoring James Reese Europe, a member of the Harlem 15th regiment and a pioneer of jazz music. People were delighted to see us pay homage to him, chipping in on the communal piece. A weekend filled with memories, laughs and amazing performances! Can anyone ask for a better time?!

Your hero,

3-D the Sculptor

(Michael Perez)

Dan NapolitanoComment