Mosaics at Jazz Fest

Brushstroke here with another blog post!

This week was beautiful we have had a full house for a couple of days now. I’ve loved seeing so many kids and even adults running around the island in their bright, colorful capes. 

The Jazz festival brought in so many people to the island. The outfits of today were stellar. We had so many people dressed as flappers all the way to the hair style. It was super cool. 

While the Jazz festival was happening, I was outside with the new mosaic honoring James Reese Europe, both a jazz legend and a war veteran. A man walked up to me and I asked if he wanted to paint a tile. Although he said no, he did say that he loves that we’re honoring African Americans in this piece, that that’s where Jazz is rooted from. That this festival didn’t really capture that and he appreciated how we brought this mosaic out. He continued to mention his appreciation for African American history. 

Seeing how passionate he sounded made me so happy that we were creating this mosaic. The whole point of these mosaics is to teach and inform about a topic or a person from history that many may not either know or understand. And teach the importance of this person or topic as a community. So his comment made me feel like our Mosaics as small as it might be to just a glue a tile on to a board have so much meaning. Whether it’s just to one person versus a group, it made a difference. 

On that note, I invite you all to come paint tiles with us. I wish you all a colorful weekend!

-Brushstroke (Alison Garcia)