Makers Prom Pt. 2

Last Wednesday I got to attend the Maker Prom event at the Roosevelt hotel on 42nd Street in Manhattan!The hotel wasn’t too far from Grand Central Park. I arrived right at 7:00PM to help set up before springing into action as Zoom, the cameraman in the Art Force 5. Setting up went by quick, and soon the award winning high school creatives that were invited to the Maker Prom started to fill the hotel. Being an artist myself, I connected well with some of the art students. 

The Art Force 5 teamed up with the students who attended the event to create a mosaic of Nelson Mandela. Even though the Maker Prom only lasted a little over two hours, we were able to finish more than half of the mosaic! The students enjoyed painting and learning new facts about Nelson Mandela. As for me (Zoom), this event was action packed! My main job was to get photos and videos to document the event. I also learned new facts, and was able to get some footage of the mosaic process as well. I took photos and videos throughout the entire event. Even though usually I’d prefer to take photos rather than videos, my favorite part of this event was qetting footage that would create a time lapse for the Nelson Mandela mosaic. I also got to film five different students, each saying a different fact about Nelson Mandela. 

I learned that Mandela was imprisoned from 1962-1990 for treason and conspiracy against the government. While in prison, Mandela became a symbol to rally behind for the oppressed in South Africa who were fighting for rights. 

Another random fun fact I learned at this event is that “Ubuntu” means community mindedness in Swahili. 


(Marvin Brown)

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