3-D & Saving the Soul

Sisyphus defied the Gods for the good of the people, becoming the archetypal “absurd hero” 
that we see today. He had decided to gamble against the Gods although the odds were all against him, punished by pushing a boulder to the top of a mountain, just to find himself back at the bottom once he reaches the top. He was bound to the boulder for an eternity, anticipating the end and experiencing disappointment every night. 


He has it all, but for some reason, all has a bone to pick with he.
He was the one that won, awarded an image resulting in vasectomy.
He called himself “the repellent of life” and “the smile that ceases to be”,
A conceited king that has only experienced defeat.

The gift of gab only disguises the sad, The position he holds only drives him more mad, The assumptions just pile and the feelings turn bad, The guards look down at him and just laugh.

Now, how can a kingdom run when it’s filled with treason?
Is it truly his disciples? Or is it he that is a demon? Insanity arises and feeds off his weeping,
Murdering his reign, depleting the stampeding. 

Now he ponders on, listening to the faint echoes of his being,
Wondering if what he lived was the truth, or if reality had been teething.
The next time he bathes, maybe his feelings are different,
Processing the thoughts that would leave Sisyphus weakened.

Upon writing this, I thought to myself, maybe we’re all Sisyphus. Sometimes, it feels like the worlds against you, that you’re on your own, but maybe that’s a product of the shackles of our minds. Anticipating the top is far more different than knowing you’ll be at the top, so let’s be heroes without risking anything. Let’s continue to be great knowing that it’s for the good, rescuing those in need one smile at a time. 

Your hero,

3-D the Sculptor
(Michael Perez)