Tiles on Tiles on Tiles


Over the past few days, we’ve been working to finish our first mosaic of the season, commemorating military hero Sergeant Henry Johnson. Going into this activity I was slightly apprehensive about the turn out and how fast we’d be able to finish the mosaic. The first day we began inviting the community to paint with us, there wasn’t much foot traffic on the island and we were painting a few of the tiles on our own. With 342 tiles in total there was a long road ahead of us. The following day though, the turn out was huge! Folks from so many different age groups came and sat with us to paint tiles and be apart of this project. At some point there were around eight folks painting with us and making conversation. Some people did as many as 19 tiles (shout out to Caitlyn, Guya, Kiara, and India who did around 25 tiles with me) and soon enough the image stated to come together. Seeing so many people come together to learn about to legacy of Henry Johnson and the Harlem Rattlers (or more famously known as the Harlem Hell Fighters) was touching. With the season just beginning and many more mosaics to come, I can tell we’re going to paint a lot, grow a lot, and learn even more.







(Zaire Anderson) 


Dan NapolitanoComment