Brushstroke's Highlights of the Island

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Hey everyone, I'm super excited to splash this island in color this summer. Governors island has such beautiful treats and I'm here to tell you all about it. 

What the island is about?

This island is super cool. Many of you may know, it used to be a military base up until 1996, not too long ago right? I thought the old style houses were super interesting, even getting to see what used to be the old shooting range over by the yankee pier. A couple days ago a War veteran came by the Art Force 5 house, and spoke to us about living here 30 years ago. This island is rich with history and as a history major I love seeing History come to life and transform from past to present. 

Favorite locations:

There are many beautiful spots around the island. So far my favorite is Hammock Park. It has around twenty hammocks to relax and sit in. Everyone was reading and chit chatting, it had great vibes. Also, when I was walking through it I saw so many rare birds that I did not even think I would be able to see in New York City, so that was lovely. 

Favorite foods: 

Food of course is very important! And we have a variety of it. Including a Venezuelan food truck, a wing truck, a crepe stand, a Jamaican spot and of course a Starbucks. So far I have had the Venezuelan spot which had great empanadas and lemonade. The wing truck had great fries and of course wings. And I will be trying the other places soon.  They are a little expensive but they are still pretty good! And if these food choices seem limited, theres always the option of packing a good ole sandwich or two if you are always hungry like me. Creativity takes energy! 

I can't wait to continue to learn and see what this island and summer has in store! See you guys soon. 

- Brushstroke

(Ally Garcia) 

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