Journey to Joining the Art Force 5


I laugh to myself how funny it is how I found myself in this place; Looking through my e-mails at 11PM and receiving an "interesting opportunity" from an advisor within my school. The funny part is that she sent me the information an hour after the application was due.

After reading up on the Art Force 5, I was sad about not being a part of such a promising experience! So much so that I just HAD to apply, even if it were denied. Thankfully, even after applying late, I heard back from Dan and found myself here; a member of the Art Force 5.

Our first day wasn't what I expected, blazing heat and a rainstorm after. It definitely wasn't the ideal weather situation, but meeting everyone and being introduced to what we'll be doing, I knew that I was going to be apart of something very special.

We threw on our backwards superhero capes (our aprons) and felt the power surging through our veins, the ability to bring creativity and change. We came in and were tasked with painting the house, hanging up decorations and other essentials needed for what we're doing.

Icebreakers were a thing, learning of each other's inspirations and having a feel for one another's motives. Our first day may have been a load of preparations but it was an introduction to the rest of our lives. We saw what our summers had for us, and we anxiously await to inspire all.

-3-D the Sculptor  

(Michael Perez)

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