Being an Art Force 5 Superhero


Working with our first kids as an official Art Force 5 Superhero was one of the warmest welcomes I’ve ever received. After two days of vicious rain and thunder here they were, two of the sweetest faces you could find! My initial encounter with them was a little intimidating, I’d never ran one of our workshops before and I kind of went blank on what to say. Once our other superheroes jumped in it all started to come naturally. We walked through making a clothespin superhero and they were both were pretty stoked to get a custom superhero just to their liking, with exactly what power they want and exactly what kind of get up they’d have. Then once we started on their capes things really got interesting. One of our kids was pretty eager to get what I’d call their “polygon powers” ready. They were so excited to cut out all sorts of shapes in green and our other kid was pretty excited to make their cap with this super intricate colored diamond. Finally putting their capes on and dubbing them official inductees into the Art Force 5 was so exhilarating, their excitement and enthusiasm reaffirmed that I picked the perfect place for Summer 2018. 

- Graphite

(Zaire Anderson)

Dan NapolitanoComment